Organizational redesign

calidad sNational and/or international Accreditation

EducArte International lfacilitates the self-assessment process required of organizations to comply with accreditation standards and fulfill the necessary steps to achieve the status of an accredited institution.

Strategic Planning

A group representing the various stakeholders of the organization develops a vision of the “desired future” and defines action plans to reach that future. Strategic planning allows the organization to articulate its vision and mission and to create a work frame to guide decision-making. It also ensures quality and excellence to the organization´s operations.

Institutional Assessment and Institutional Improvement Plan

Based on the analysis of two or three operational areas of the organization, the assessment intends to answer the questions where are we? and how did we get here? Using several assessment techniques (surveys, interviews, focus groups, classroom observations), data is collected to generate recommendations towards designing an institutional improvement plan.

Stakeholder surveys

Analysis and interpretation of stakeholder surveys: parents, students, faculty, staff and alumni. Based on results, recommendations are provided as the basis for an institutional improvement plan.