Directora SofiaDear Reader,

Your search for answers to questions about issues that prevent your school from moving forward has come to an end! Allow me to introduce EducArte International, a company created to support school improvement processes. Modern times surprise organizations with challenges imposed by rapid change.Stakeholders’ demands for better services and innovation, plus state-of-the art technology in their organizations indicate that no longer can we dwell in our comfort zones, where it was acceptable to always do things in the same old ways. Comfort and convenience must give room to organizational transformation.

Educational institutions, an essential component of our social structure, can’t escape to this transformation. Therefore, it is time to reflect on the direction your school is taking and the quality of the services it offers. We cordially invite you to join EducArte International in the quest to find these and other answers and to re-design the future of your organization one step at a time. We invite you to innovate and transform your school.

EducArte International will accompany you in the process of self-reflection and change; it will provide you with strategies for improvement through collaborative work and a learning community context. Your school’s time is now… Take a look at what we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sofía Amador


EducArte International